I hope to soon have 800 numbers you can call on.

I also hope to have paypal again on this site where you can pay
me one month at a time or the number of months you choose.
Services I Provide

One purpose these page is to offer help with problems of any type
including heath as a scientist.  I also am offering to help you some on a month by month
basis with all the things I discussed on the home page for $5.50 a month. The 5.50
a month thing is something that I was hoping to do as a club or something like that where I
would try to help them some each month in these areas.

If you would like help with some problem just call me and I can work mentally
for you.

If you are interested in any of these things please feel free to call and talk.

Also if you are a  friend or acquaintance  feel free to call.
  • Help with
  • Help with
  • Talk about
    these areas
    of interest.